We’re getting ready to take back Kentucky. Are you in?

Great question!

David Sharp is a proud conservative Republican!

As an 8-year army veteran, David understand the needs of the military and believe we must have the strongest, best equipped, and best trained military in the world.
Also a disabled veteran that uses the VA Medical System, David truly sees the short comings and problems the VA Medical System has.

We should work to put our veterans in charge of their own health care.
David believes life begins at conception.
He will fight to stop all federal funding to Planned Parenthood.
The Constitution gives us the right to carry and bear arms. Any attempt to take away that right is an assault on our liberties and our Constitution.
We must finish the wall and secure the southern border.
It is called illegal immigration for a reason. There is a right way – and a wrong way.

David 100% supports term limits and will fight to bring a term limits bill to the floor within his first 100 days in office.

Everyone must have an ID to vote. David believes that vote harvesting should not be allowed.

Signatures must be compared and matched on absentee ballots with no 3rd party requests for absentee ballots.

David knows we need a balanced budget but also knows how much the ‘establishment’ loves spending. He will work with other fiscal conservatives to force our government to live by the same rules we do in our households.
Don’t spend more than you have.

We need MORE police officers, not less.

David believes the federal government can not and should not tell the states how their police can operate effectively. He will work to create policy that supports this

We The People

Defunding Planned Parenthood

David is a strong advocate for the rights of the unborn and vows to stop all abortions in the United States.

Protecting our Veterans

David served our country. He understands the needs of the men and women in uniform.

Grassroots Support

Individual freedoms and team work build a fair, resilient community. Serving your country and fellow citizens is the highest honor.


St. Jerome Catholic Church in Graves County

10:00 AM

Fancy Farm

Fancy Farm is the annual kickoff to Kentucky's political season.

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Sharp Picks Up Early

We received an EARLY endorsement for the 2022 Kentucky 1st District Primary

WPSD-TV Announces David’s Candidacy

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